St Jean de Luz youth orchestra and a local Basque choir in church

We were quite impressed by the roof directly above the church's altar

There was some mildly serious aspects to the St Jean de Luz weekend celebrations including an evening of Basque choir singing and some excellent classical and contemporary music offered by two local orchestras. One of the orchestras was youth based and the other was comprised mainly of young adults. Each orchestra comprised of around 20 to 30 classical instruments.

We attended the Friday night choir and orchestral concert in the Church but it was hard to get any good photos. Unfortunately we were unable to record any of the music that night. Then on Sunday morning the orchestra was again in the church to celebrate a special Mass in honour of the weekend Basque festival. We wanted a good seat and arrived 15 minutes early. This was a complete miss-judgement as we only just managed to get our bottoms on a seat by the skin of our teeth. Hmmm, I'm sure I could have somehow expressed that better! Anyhow, in spite of the fact that we were way down towards the back of this large church we did our best to record a little video and some of the singing. Just click the links to each video and sound file below.

Click left image below to view video     or     Click right image below to hear recording of choir

Brian's recording of choir singing in Saint Jean Baptise church
in Saint Jean de Luz on Sunday 21st June 2009 as part
of the the Basque Festival celebrations during that year.
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