Picking up the confetti..... a bit of useful recycling perhaps?

"He's fat, his guitar is out of tune & he drinks too much but I love him"

The Pompiers (firemen) get ready for the bonfire lighting ceremony

Cheers and clapping as the Festival bonfire illuminates the square.

"I've picked up more confetti than my sisters"

Lynn avoids a dishevelled jockey type person

"Call me La Spikehead Muscle Femme or I'll punch ya lights out"

"Hello, this is Mademoiselle Blimp calling..." (Lynn grins in background)

Serenading a lucky lady in an alley just off the main square. These guys
were really happy, moderately drunk, very friendly and loads of fun.

Thank goodness Brian ditched the polka dotted tablecloth and  finally
purchased a proper Basque scarf. Mildly less embarrassing for us both.

As mentioned in an earlier webpage, Brian has only just commenced the learning curve when it comes to creating videos, reducing the file size and then embedding them in a webpage. Please forgive the deficiencies in the couple of videos which follow. Although it is impossible to really capture the atmosphere during our visit to St Jean de Luz, in our amateurish way we've done our best to give you a tiny taste of what it was like. Here are 4 video clips and 4 sound recordings below. The 4th video was actually taken by somebody else who was in St Jean de Luz at the same time as ourselves. We happened to find it on the Web quite by accident.

A loud and brassy street marching band
(File size 240 k)

Strolling street minstrels - voice and guitar
(File size 890 k)

A very snappy Basque marching band
(File size 600 k)

Marching band plays medley of pieces
(File size 1060 k)

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